Genoise adapted from Pierre Herme


This one smells very eggy. Sunk 1cm in center. Folded a portion of batter into butter before incorporating. Has assistant to sprinkle in flour and butter mixture.

15 cm mold

Cake flour 80
Eggs 170 (down from 180)
Sugar 90 (down from 100)
Butter 30 (up from 29)

Baked at 175C for 18 mins, then 0C for 4 mins. Removed from pan immediately.

Jackfruit tarts




The jam has a sticky, mochi-like consistency. The jackfruit jam is coy at first but gradually releases a robust flavor as you chew it, lingering after te tart is gone. Its sweetness is set off by the not so sweet, distinctly salty pastry case which is crumbly and has a grittiness to it. Semolina perhaps? There’s margarine in there.

Pistachio and kumquat

Ate a new preserved fruit today, I think it’s kumquat. It has a really sharply sweet, citrusy and tangy flavor and a hint of saltiness. Goes well with lightly salted pistachio. Maybe some cream or mousse on pistachio joconde base, or shaved and incorporated into or in top of something else.


Green pea cookies



Image 1 shows 180 for 20 mins. On the left is dough with added fat, doesn’t taste as nice.

Img 2, everything same but flour reduced to 40. 175 for 9 mins. Double layer of egg wash in center looks best

Peanut oil 160
Yolk 20
10x 125
Powdered green peas 250
Flour 250

Combine oil and yolk. Add icing. Combine green peas and flour. Shape, egg wash and bake at 180 for 18 mins.

Pineapple jam

Ailin Jam 1000
Butter 6.7%
Lee pineapple juice 8%
Cinnamon 3/4t
Lemon/lime juice 3.5%

Soften jam by heating in the microwave. Add ingredients. Stir
until combined.

Jam easier to work with when cold. Freeze rolled jam balls for easier handling, especially when v soft.

Update: Use malt sugar/glucose when cooking jam for improved texture and milder sweetness.