Ah seng ah seng Pineapple tart pastry



this is a recipe from my colleague. I modified it to add some milk powder so that it tastes better. The white one is slightly underbaked and still has a cornflour Taste. Baking it long enough to give it a little color will make it taste better. This pineapple tart is light and melts in your mouth. Jam is tasty even though it’s not homemade. I had to add add a lot of things such as cinnamon, lemon juice, and pineapple juice to make it taste good and get the soft texture.

I am still looking for the perfect eggwash recipe, one that doesn’t brown too aggressively or crack.

Butter 1000
Icing sugar 420
Salt 1t
Egg 1 or yolk 2
Corn flour 1000
Milk powder 100
Cake Flour 1000 (won’t need to use all, I used 600)

By hand, combine softened butter with sugar and salt. Add the egg. Combine. Add the cornflour. Add the cake flour until dough is not sticky. you will not need to use all 1000.

Too much flour will cause pastry to crack. Let Dough rest a while, it will become easier to work with when the moisture is absorbed by the flour.

Using yolk will make the pastry tender. Using egg whites will make the pastry more crisp.

For the egg wash, beat the whole egg. Add a little oil or milk and some salt. Sieve.

Apply a thin layer of wash. Bake for 1 to 2 minutes or until wash has set. Remove and brush again.

Bake at 160° for about 18 minutes, or until pastry has taken on a little color.

Store with desiccant sachets.



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