Cheese tarts


Delicious even with burnt tops. Cookie can be better if almond meal is ground even finer, I used the Phoon huat brand which left little flat tasting almond bits after the cookie dissolves. Maybe can refresh the almond meal in oven before using.

tarts had tendency to crack and had wrinkled surface, maybe I over beat the whites.

A little cheese mixture tends to slip in between the cookie and the case, caramelising and taking on a strong flavor.

Almond cookie base (for 60 cookie rounds)

butter 312.5
sugar 175
Egg 60
Almond powder 125
Flour 375

Grind almond with a little sugar.

Beat butter and sugar till just combined. Add egg. Add almond. Add flour, stop when just combined.

Refrigerate and roll out between 2 sheets of parchment.

Bake at 175, (for how long?) add about 3 mins of bottom heat at beginning.

Cheese tart
Cream cheese 400
Butter 74 ( used 100)
Yolks 56
Cream 60
Milk 50( used 75)

Whites 100
Sugar 68

Beat cheese and butter til glossy. Add eggs. Add cream. Add milk.

Bear whites and sugar til glossy and holds tracks when drizzled back onto itself. Fold into cheese mixture.

Distribute into cookie lined cases. Rap on counter to force out air bubbles. Freeze til solid.

Bake frozen at 180C, around 18 mins. Should brown just at the edges and maybe a few spots in the middle. Tops will crack. Freeze when cooled. Serve frozen or cold.



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