Chocolate Truffle Cake

I’ve been having problems with this cake. Barring silly mistakes I still get soft lumps of cocoa/flour in the mixture. The cocoa powder is too much to dissolve all in the boiling water (dissolving cocoa in boiling water intensifies the flavor). I could separate 700 cocoa to dissolve in the water next time, perhaps that will help to reduce the lumps too. I might try portioning out some of the milk to heating up and dissolving the cocoa in. Continue reading

Butter in shortbread, saputo vs scs

Adapted the previous recipe to have almost 10% more flour, reduced cornflour slightly. Shortbread at bnc was easier to work with and mouthfeel was acceptable.

The saputo sable has a floury taste compared to scs which has a creamier flavor. Perhaps I should change the brand of flour i use, there is a floury taste the can be detected across most of cookies. It is more evident when warm, I will taste again the next day.

Butter 230
Sugar 100
Salt 1/8t
Flour 290
Cornflour 30


Update: rolled in Demerara sugar and baked til golden brown like sables at 160C for 22 mins. They were baked on a thick aluminum tray on the bottom rack, as seen in image top and bottom are equally brown. It’s about 5cm in diameter, I would make them smaller next time. The Demerara sugar adds a wonderful sandy crunch 🙂