Butter in shortbread, saputo vs scs

Adapted the previous recipe to have almost 10% more flour, reduced cornflour slightly. Shortbread at bnc was easier to work with and mouthfeel was acceptable.

The saputo sable has a floury taste compared to scs which has a creamier flavor. Perhaps I should change the brand of flour i use, there is a floury taste the can be detected across most of cookies. It is more evident when warm, I will taste again the next day.

Butter 230
Sugar 100
Salt 1/8t
Flour 290
Cornflour 30


Update: rolled in Demerara sugar and baked til golden brown like sables at 160C for 22 mins. They were baked on a thick aluminum tray on the bottom rack, as seen in image top and bottom are equally brown. It’s about 5cm in diameter, I would make them smaller next time. The Demerara sugar adds a wonderful sandy crunch 🙂



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