Shortbread, baking temperature, plump cranberries


This shortbread has a lovely light crispness but the cornflour taste is obvious. Baking it browner brings out a fuller taste in the flour but defeats the purpose of shortbread…

Plumping the cranberries is an improvement. Used ocean spray brand, rather sour. will consider using sugar water next time.

Baking at 160 on dark tray browns the edges too fast while leaving the center pale. Bottom also browned quite a lot.

Butter 230
Icing sugar 110
Salt 2 pinch
Flour 260
Cornflour 40

Sift flours. Beat butter, salt and sugar til just combined. Add flours and beat til just combined.

Bake at 150 on thick aluminum tray, second rack from bottom. Check from 21 mins onwards. (fig.1)

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