Lemon poppy seed pound cake


This is wonderful! Crunchy poppy seeds with tangy lemony glaze. I can’t wait to eat it and give it to people. It was beaten by hand with a small whisk and has a tighter finer crumb than the one in the book, perhaps due to the slower speed and longer beating time.

This is the first time I’m trying this method, the cake was tender and yummy. Of course I didn’t wait 24 hours.

Lemon poppy seed pound cake
The Cake Bible, Rose Levy Berenbaum
1 4-cup loaf pan

Milk 45
Egg 150
Vanilla 1.5t

Flour 150
Sugar 150
Baking soda 4
Lemon zest 6
Poppy seeds 28
Salt 1/4t

Softened butter 184

175C, 50mins, covered and rotated at 25 mins.

Combine butter, half the egg mixture and all the dries on slow speed until moistened, then beat on medium/high about a minute to aerate and develop structure.

Gradually add remaining egg in 2 batches, beating for 20s after each addition to incorporate and strengthen structure.

Bake until toothpick inserted comes out with crumbs.

Cool in tin 10 mins. Unmold and brush bottom and sides generously with lemon syrup.

Lemon juice 63
Sugar 70

Dissolve sugar in juice, heating juice if required.

Best wrapped airtight and consumed after 24 hours. Wrapped airtight, keeps for 3 days room temp, 7 days refrigerated and 2 months frozen.



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