Macarons, Rose and Green Tea



Oven Kinks

Home oven has v weak bottom heat, v strong top heat and poor ventilation. Both batches of macarons were baked for over 20 mins, insides still very moist even though exterior had begun browning. A lot of steam escaped when rotating at halfway point so will try keeping oven door ajar next time. Thus far: 150C, bottom rack, tray at top rack, oven open a crack all the way. Rotate after 9 mins. At 12 mins place another tray on oven rack second from top. Continue baking until shells are firm on top and barely move when gently nudged.

Rose shells baked at 140C (or was it 150C?) until the’ve just barely started to brown gave good results.


Ground almond (Phoon Huat’s extra fine) and icing sifted together. Sugar and egg white dumped together and whipped at high speed until firm glossy peak. Paste color swiped in with toothpick and using same toothpick swirled around to combine with small amount of whipped whites Much more steam observed when fresh whites used. TPT added at one go and folded (varying cutting from the middle and scraping sides of bowl) about 45 times. Each recipe yields about 33 shells.


The GT macs have a much thicker and crunchier crust as opposed to the eggshell-like crust for the rose. Three possible causes: 1. Additional dry ingredients/longer drying time (increased dryness) 2. being mixed less than the rose ones 3. Baking temperature. For the choc 5 spice macarons at work the crust thickness is between the rose and the GT ones. In addition to the base ratio for egg white : sugar : almond : icing of 1 : 0.75 : 1.25 : 1.6 there is 0.2 of dry ingredients added (5 spice powder and cocoa powder). I didn’t manage to calculate the weight of the GT powder added.

Sugar vs Icing sugar

Note to self: Experiment with whether it matters whether the sugar distribution (icing vs sugar) matters in the final product beyond what’s enough to stabilize the meringue. BnC has a proportionately larger amount of sugar beaten with the whites but it might not be necessary to get it so stiff (hard to fold.)


With the recipes below it takes about 45 folds. With the BnC macs (200g whites) I’m folding about 55, but could go a bit more.

Baking details and feet

The rose macarons had a beautiful texture after maturing even though they were really moist after baking and didn’t lift off cleanly from the fiberglass sheet (was too impatient to wait until cold). We might have been overbaking (170 185 for 15 mins) and under maturing them at work. Today Soon baked at 155 165 for 20 minutes. The bottom was slightly risen and the insides were moister than they’d been. The tops were also pretty smooth. They were very flat, the feet (about 5mm) were double the height of the body. They also stuck out at the sides. He claims not to have changed the recipe proportions so I reckon he simply beat it more than usual, but he has yet to confirm.

Ganache, couverture vs compound

The BnC ganache which is made with compound rather than couverture with 2 parts choc to 1 part cream might have been too stiff, reduced by 10% which made a very slightly softer (refrigerated) ganache. Will continue to experiment to find the lowest proportion of compound choc that holds up at room temp.


Plain macarons (1 : 0.35 : 1.2 : 2)

Egg white 100
Sugar 35
Ground almond 120
Icing sugar 200

Matcha macarons
Ground almond 110
Icing sugar 200
Matcha 1T
Egg white 100
Sugar 35

Rose buttercream
Sugar 100
Water 37
Egg 75
Yolks 45
Butter 200
Rose extract 1/2t

Method: Heat sugar and water til 120C. Will take a few mins. Meanwhile, beat eggs and yolks until light. Cream butter. Pour sugar syrup into egg mixture and whisk until cool. Add to butter and whisk until incorporated. Add flavouring and combine.

Remarks: delicious but pretty hard to work with, short time between it being too hard and melting into soupy puddle.

Possible mistakes: whipped butter then eggs immediately after without washing the mixer. Eggs did not thicken and lighten as much as usual (then again I’ve never whipped yolk enriched eggs before). Waited almost a minute before sugar syrup was poured into eggs. I expected the egg and syrup mix to be a lot thicker when it was cool.

Must make again at regular sized batch, this was a half recipe.

Matcha ganache
White chocolate 150
Cream 75
Matcha 1t

Melt white chocolate in microwave at 20 second bursts. Add cream and stir to combine. Add matcha and stir to combine.

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