Galicier Pastry


The best Kueh Dadar. Soft and tender skin. Coconut so moist I’m pretty sure it’s grated right that day. I could eat 10 easy. Other highlights: ondeh ondeh, brown coconut sago thing.

The items are quite cheap. Wonder why these traditional pastry shops aren’t as ‘cool’ as French pastries. The skill level and deliciousness is on par, and it’s probably less fattening to boot. I would totally have these at my wedding reception. They lack the wow factor of decadent colorful western pastries, also the whole western superiority thing which might be why people prefer to have fake wedding cakes and mediocre pastries with beautiful decoration.

How to make the emotional and visual impact on par with their western counterparts? Culinary schools in Singapore are western centric (haven’t seen traditional nyonya sweets in their curriculum). It’s a pity this part of our culture is neglected in SG. I don’t have any answers now, but it’s something I’d like to change.

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