Quick pastry cream

Thanks, Migoya. Instant magic pastry method worked!

There is a vague eggy taste, may be due to the stray egg whites.

Compared to the PC at Glacé, this is a lot looser. Anyway, I made a mistake. I forgot to add the sugar to the milk, added after the hot milk had been whisked in and mixture coagulated. The mixture became more liquid after the sugar was added. I wonder if it would have made much more difference.

Pastry cream
Milk 950
Sugar 260

Milk 50
Yolk 240
Cornstarch 57

vanilla 1t

Combine B and sieve to remove lumps. Heat A to rolling boil. Dump into B all at once, whisking constantly. Add C when cool.

Note: Found updated recipe.

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Sheet genoise

Made 30x40cm sheet genoise with following:

Egg 385/312
Sugar 190/156
Milk 130/104
HK flour 190/156
Butter 130/104

Total: 1025/832

Heated egg and sugar to about 60C. Beat at high speed until volume almost there, then switched to medium/low speed for smaller air bubbles and finer texture. Added milk, beat til desired volume. Folded in flour in 3 additions. Folded in butter. Transferred to sheet pan and evened top. Baked for 23 mins at 170C, rotated halfway.

As you can see the cake is rather high. Was using first set of weights, batter filled pan to the brim.

Cooked flour frosting


New frosting yay! It is quite temperature stable. Great for rustic home made looking cakes. Will consider reducing sugar next time and adding a little salt.

Photos taken every 10 mins apart. It is holding its shape. I am happy.

Cooked Flour Frosting

Milk 125
Bread flour 17
Sugar 100
Softened butter 113

Bring milk, flour and sugar to boil. Boil for one minute. Don’t stop stirring. Allow to cool completely.

Beat butter until fluffy. Add cooled milk mixture and beat until fluffy.