Nut Brittle


Total yum, very addictive. Will be even more yum with a more delicate crunch and smaller nut chunks. Also: What’s the difference if the butter is added with the sugars to caramelize or added after the caramelization happens? Butter browns at 150C but sugar reaches desired caramelization at around 185C. And yet the butter doesn’t burn. How curious…

Butter 120
Sugar 400
Water 120
Glucose 140

Baking soda 1/2t

Toasted chopped pecans 360

Salt for sprinkling

Cook first 4 ingredients, stirring occasionally, until desired caramel color. It will first melt then start to bubble and thicken, takes about 15 mins. Add soda. Mixture will bubble up. Add nuts, combine, then quickly scrape over nonstick surface and spread thin. Cool before breaking into chunks.

To improve on:
Add more nuts
Add more salt on top (work faster do salt can stick)
Speed up caramelization: add less water
Make less sweet: more glucose, less sugar.
Make lighter crunch: add more BS
More buttery goodness: moar butter

20121220-044810.jpg2nd try:
I preferred the pecans, though cashews are a good cheaper alternative. Ntuc brand > tong garden. This batch was a bit greasier

Butter 140
Sugar 350
Water 100
Glucose 180
Salt 3/4t

Vinegar 3/4t
Baking soda 3/4t

Ntuc Salted cashews 380

Salt for sprinkling

Cook sugar, glucose, salt and butter until deep amber color. Add soda. Add nuts. Scrape quickly onto nonstick surface, flatten quickly with rolling pin and sprinkle salt generously.

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