Wolfgang Puck’s blitz custard

Copied from egullet – blitz custard

I must credit this to Postrio, I was quite shocked by the method- but it is GREAT!

cream 1420
sugar 220
salt 1 pinch
Vanilla bean 1 nos
yolks 480

In a heavy bottomed pot bring the cream, salt, and split and scraped vaniila bean to a boil. Turn off heat and add the sugar, then temper your yolks with the hot cream (do not whip them- the yolks just need to be broken and stirred). Pour everything back into the pot and turn the heat back on.
1) Never leave the pot.
2) Whisk constantly the sides and bottom to keep custard from sticking and burning.

Bring the mixture to a full boil- make sure that the center of the mixture is bubbling. You are trying to break the custard. You are taking the custard beyond its setting point and then bringing it back.
Strain the custard into a container in an ice bath. Beur mix (or immersion blender) the custard untill smooth. Leave a whisk in the custard and cool slightly. Pour in dishes etc… You will be ready to serve in an hour or so.

This recipe puzzles people- they can’t figure out how you got fresh berries under your custard. It was created for volumne production- we could not wait for 45 minute stovetop (this was back in the day when Postrio was serving 500 desserts on a Friday). We also served the brulee in a puff pastry shell- that was one of Wolfgang’s signature desserts for years.

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