French Rose (chocolate) nougat

Extremely sweet. Improved on adding cocoa powder. Too sticky, might have only cooked to 134 instead of 135. Addition of cocoa helps with the stickiness, about 9-10T needed for while batch for rose chocolate nougat. But probably shouldn’t bother, the flavors don’t go well together.

What is the trehalose for?

Recipe from Mr. Soon

Sugar 135
Trehalose 130
Water 90
Glucose 50
Honey 50

Salt 1
Sugar 9
Egg whites 36

Rose essence 1/2t
Rose paste (名滋玫瑰漿) 25

Almond 180
Hazelnuts 60
Coco pops 80

Heat A til 135C. Whip B 60%. Pour A into B and whip til 40-50C. Add rose. Add hot C, combine.

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