Cookies and cream macarons

Cookie Macaron
almond flour 100
Icing sugar 180
Cocoa powder 20
Charcoal 4 caps
Egg white 100
Sugar 40

Baked at 160 for about 15 mins.

Cookies & cream ganache
Cream 200
Milk powder 20
Salt 1/8t
White chocolate 240
Vanilla 1/4t
Oreo cookie (no cream) 60

Bring cream, milk powder and salt to a simmer. Stir to ensure milk powder is dissolved. Pour into chocolate to melt it. When combined, stir in vanilla.

Crumble cookie into smaller pieces. Stir into ganache.

Chocolate Banana Cake


This is a thing of pride and beauty. Chocolate sponge layered with chocolate chantilly cream and bananas, covered with glossy ganache and caramelized walnuts. Tastes healthy while being a total fat bomb. The caramelized walnuts are the best, would be awesome to incorporate it into the layers. I still have some sponge left in the fridge 🙂 Continue reading


I’ve got some Bailey’s truffles in the fridge. They’re delicious as cream, chocolate and Bailey’s can be, but a bit on the sweet side. It’s a one to one of cream and chocolate and Bailey’s to taste, set in a bowl, scooped in a measuring spoon, frozen and messily rolled by hand into balls and covered with cocoa powder. Continue reading