Gluten Free Flour

Recently I’ve been trying to cut back on gluten. Today I made up a batch of modified What If Flour and tested it to good success in some brownies. Another test with controls (APF flour, flaxseed) will be coming up.

This is a good resource for an introduction to flours, including gluten-free types.

Aki and Alex from Ideas in Food came up with a second version with guar gum instead of xanthan. This version is more flavorful due to the sorghum flour, will try it out when I finish using the first batch of flour.

Gluten Free Girl recommends nixing the xanthan and guar gum altogether, due to potential allergy reasons. When the thickening quality is needed, like in breads it can be replaced with the same amount of flaxseed slurry. Will have to test if flaxseed prevents baked goods from crumbling the same way as the gums do.

The brownies turned out okay, but I’m just starting. I’m looking forward to testing genoise and pie crust next. Ooh, and chiffon. And shortbread. It’s going to be an exciting journey 🙂

Modified What If Flour
cornflour 500
tapioca starch 320
rice flour 460
milk powder 140

Stirred together in a large bowl and stored in plastic tubs.

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