Korean citron soufflé cheesecake


Upon cleaning the fridge today, I was so enamoured with the current neat state of the fridge that I decided to use up the excess random ingredients inside. List after the jump.

Excess random ingredients:
Taiwanese black sugar, ginger flavor 1kg
Taiwanese black sugar 1kg
Korean citron jam 500g
Assorted valrhona chocolate
Cream cheese 450g (now down to 300)
Cheap cream 800g
Mint infused cream 400g
BnC Ganache 200g
Cream 350g

The cream cheese had to go first so I decided to make a souffle cheesecake. Decided to throw in some of the citron jam. Korean citron jam can be made into a delicious hot drink called yujacha, I’m having it with green tea now. Yuja is the Korean name for Yuzu, it’s the same thing. Since fresh yuzu isn’t easily found in Singapore the KC jam might be a substitute for some recipes. For this cake I strained out the rind and used only the jam, next time I might incorporate the rind separately to add more flavor. (Will try coating in flour so it doesn’t sink to the bottom).20130319-053507.jpg

I used the same recipe as I did last time in the small souffle cups that had a smooth plastic lining inside. That recipe was not published as the cakes were too ugly. At that time I thought the plastic coating on the insides of the paper cups was too smooth, which led to them collapsing. It was also cracked pretty badly which I attributed to the lack of a water bath. So this time I lined the cake tins with greaseproof paper and baked at 160C with a water bath depth of 1.5cm.


The cake was slightly better but still not presentable. Turns out it was still too moist and structurally unsound. Texture wise the first case was moist almost to the point of being creamy with the air pockets almost dissolving. The second cake was slightly firmer with a little more bite, which makes it more interesting to eat. There were still pretty bad cracks and the cakes still sank a lot. But, the cake that had more water in the bath and was cooled in the oven had a slightly better structure with distinct but small air pockets. I dropped the temp 15C 30 mins into baking which might have also helped the second cake crack less. Baking time was 35 mins for the 6 inch and about 45-50 mins for the 7 inch. For the 7 inch I opened the oven door after it looked done and let it cool in the oven for a couple of hours, the 6″ was pulled out the moment the top was golden brown, springy, and puffed and cracked like a freaking lopsided souffle.



Citrus souffle cheesecake

After having made this a few times I’m pretty sure that there’s too much moisture in the cheesecake, leading to the ‘wet’ insides and weak structure. there’s the recipe I used, scaled up to match cream cheese

cream cheese 150 300 (18.8%/40%)
yolk 50 60 (6.2%/8.1%)
flour 30 24 (3.8%/3.2%)
lemon zest 1 nos 0.5nos
lemon juice 20 30

milk 30 75 (3.8%/10%)
cream 140 75 (17.5%/10.1%)
butter 45 – (5.6%)

whites 200 120 (25%/16.1%)
sugar 130 60 (16.3%/8.1%)

total 795/ 744

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