Green tea macarons/ green tea nougat filling


Im waiting for these to bake!The surface isn’t that smooth

Green Tea Macarons
Almond powder 100
Icing sugar 180
Green tea powder 8

Egg whites 100
Sugar 35

2 lined half sheet trays
16″ or 18″ piping bag with 1.5cm round tip with the tip twisted in and the cuffs folded over a container.

Stir and sift 1) together. Whip 2) until firm glossy peaks that doesn’t fall from the bowl when it’s flipped over.

Dump 1) into 2) and fold with a round scraper until batter peak disappears into itself after 10 seconds or with some smacking.

Pipe rounds onto silicone mat/ parchment paper/ vellum baking paper and allow to sit until a skin forms. Being able to touch it without

Bake at 160C for about 17 seconds until shells come off cleanly and are not wet on the inside. Allow to cool before peeling off.





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