New Pineapple Tart Pastry

This is the adjusted recipe to compensate for the following shortcomings of the previous pastry:
– Not sweet enough
– Too dry
– Too crumbly

butter 500
icing sugar 150
salt 1/2t
egg 90
vanilla 2t
APF 700
rice flour 100
milk powder to taste

These made rather lovely pretty cookies when generously dusted with snow powder (still not sweet enough), and the delicate flavor of the SCS butter came through beautifully. When I came back from changing into my whites and offered some to chef, he pointed to the plates just about to go out to Mrs Wong. Very Very VIP. My cookies were on those plates! He couldn’t have expressed a better compliment.

Weng suggested adding some glutinous rice flour for chew, sounds like a viable option, and Ken has requested for more cookies. Victor nibbles on them when he gets his sugar craving and I am just happy these great cooks enjoy my simple sweet. Another round of pastry testing is due. I feel like the tarts are still lacking something. The jam can be improved, for sure. Pastry’s almost there… All signs are pointing to me cooking my own jam. The thought of it gets less daunting as my knife skills improve.


Made again, with this recipe:

Makes about 60 0.8x3x3cm square cookies

Butter 250
Icing 85
Salt 1/4t
Egg 45
Vanilla 1t
APF 350
Rice flour 50
Milk powder 16

Not very sweet, needed snow powder. Baked at 140-160, predominantly 150, with about 5 mins of convection. 2 trays. Took about 25 mins to cook through, cookies were fridge cold to frozen when placed in oven. Held shape well. Centers took too long to bake, corners browned. Next time bring to room temp then freeze 10 mins before baking.

Must say though that the snow powder hid a host of imperfections and is very pretty.

Used Flechard butter instead of SCS, taste is not as fragrant although that might have been due to the milk powder.

Next time try the following:

Butter 250
Icing 120
Salt 1/4t
Egg 45
Vanilla 1t
APF 350
Rice flour 50
Milk powder 30

I guess this has become my go-to shortbread… Note to self, try without egg next time.

How to try without egg??

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