Pineapple Tarts and CNY 2104


These are pretty good. The proportion of pastry to jam is optimal, resulting in a thin crust of pastry that yields to the filling. Remember that texture is as important as taste. Am pleased about the shininess of the glaze, trick is to bake them for a bit before applying it. Will make the jam from scratch next year and win the award for best pineapple tarts.




Butter 250(800)
Icing 125(400)
Cornstarch 50(160)
Milk Powder 30(96)
Salt pinch(1.5t)

Yolk 40(128)
Vanilla 1T(48)

APF 350(1120)

Total: 850(2720)

In A, sift dries onto soft butter and combine. Add B and stir to combine. Add C and mix until just combined. Wrap in two layers of cling film and refrigerate for 48 hours. This will eliminate the cornflour taste and help the pastry hold its shape better when baking.


Jam 1000(2000)
Butter 70(140)
Salt pinch
Cinnamon pinch

Warm in microwave until soft and stir together. Adjust seasonings as desired.

Pineapple Tarts

egg yolk 1nos

Preheat oven to 150C.

Weigh out 7g portions of jam. Roll into balls and set aside. Chill if desired. Weigh out 9g portions of pastry and press into a long oval with thin edges. Wrap jam. Each 9×13″ tray can hold at least 48 balls.

Bake tarts for 5 mins. In the meantime, prepare 1 yolk. After 5 mins, glaze the tarts. Return to oven for 13 mins. Flip tray and bake for another 13 mins or until bottom of tarts are pale golden brown.

-Weights in brackets yields 300 tarts, which is how much I’d made this year. Enough for giving away, serving at home and generously feeding self.
-Try frying the flour.
-Try adding pineapple juice to jam.
-Try substituting cake flour. Pastry could be a bit more tender.
-Brush marks show on the yolk glaze. Find  softer brush.
-Make the fucking jam yay

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