Steamed Chocolate Cake

Made delicious steamed chocolate cake with this recipe.

Steamed Chocolate Cake
Makes one 9-inch round cake

sugar 220g
milk 200g
salt 1/4 teaspoons
instant coffee 1 teaspoon

oil 220g
eggs 2 nos
vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoons

plain flour 110g
cocoa powder 60g
baking powder 1/2 teaspoons
baking soda 1/2 teaspoons

Heat up steamer before starting the cake. Line and grease a 9-inch pan.

Combine and sift (C).

Stir (A) until everything is dissolved, warm mixture if needed. Make sure (A) is cool enough, then add (B) and mix well. Add (C) and stir well to combine.

Pour batter into tin, and wrap the top with aluminium foil. Make sure the tin is not touching the water and steam over medium heat for 45 minutes.

Allow the cake to cool and firm up before turning it out.



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