Envy Coffee

Was enlisted to help out with the startup of Envy Coffee, a cafe located at an office area. Location at One-North, near Buona Vista. In charge of coming up with menu, staff training, kitchen setup, supplier contacts.

Price Range
Breakfast, $3-8 ala carte, $6 set
Lunch, $8-16 ala carte, $12 set
Tea, $3-8

Proposed menu
Beef Pastrami Sandwich with caramelised onions
Tuna Sandwich with crunchy cabbage
Ham and cheese Croissant
Fried Egg and Cheese Sandwich
Smoked Salmon cream cheese sandwich with dill
Egg Mayo Sandwich (eggs, mayo, onions, paprika)
French Tuna sandwich here (baguette, garlic, basil, tuna, olive, red pepper, parsley, olive oil)

Classic Italian lasagne here
Cheesy baked rice
Baked Pasta with sausage here
Roast chicken with potatoes and chickpeas here
Pizza (from supplier)
Noodle soup
Pasta with creamy onion mushroom sauce
Mushroom bourginion here
Beef stew here
Spicy eggplant pasta here

Potato salad
Steamed broccoli, carrots
House salad
Crispy chicken wings
Garlic bread
Baked eggs
Olive oil roasted tomatoes
Fried fingerling potatoes here
aked eggs with mushrooms here

Mushroom soup

Display case
Food warmer
Stove top
Fryer Perfect Fry
Salamander/toaster Kolb
Food Processor

Enclosed area with no exhaust hood or grease trap. Portable grease trap to be built in.
Not yet sure about the size of the space available.

The bulk of the menu items now involve the oven (rice, baked rice, baked pasta, braised things). Baked rice, baked pastas and lasagne can be made in advance to store in the freezer or chiller and baked off as needed.

Solutions and links
Holding pasta for service

Bread Project
Food Xervices

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