Pacojet 2 proposal, i/c base recipe

We’re very close to opening Kite now. Due to some unexpected, expensive delays, the boss decided to cut down on costs, one of the casualties being the pacojet2 and the accompanying blast freezer. It’s sad news, but we moved forward, planning other things like the garden project and menus for bar/lunch/brunch.

Made a new blog again.

Recently the issue of getting the paco2 came up for negotiation and I was tasked to write the proposal for it, including current menu items that utilize it and future menu items that might make use of it. Hence I decided to find out more about it other than just spamming the various flavors we could do. Found out some interesting things…

  1. You can use it for savory applications. Raw veg purees like asparagus stems, fresh greens, it will make a smooth product that does’t need to be strained. Perfectly smooth pesto. Fresh tomato sorbet. Fish mousse. Pate.
  2. The ultra fine consistency means that more of the flavorful oils can be released.
  3. Blender releases volatile aromas, pacotizing minimizes this.
  4. Freezing the product and maintaining it in a frozen state ensures no wastage.
  5. Save on food cost by avoiding expensive commercial purees  and making the most of seasonal produce

Here’s a basic i/c recipe base off cheftalk:
1 litre milk
1/2 litre cream
360g egg yolk
220g sugar
3 nos vanilla beans

Hoping for good news.

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