Burnt Ends

Farmer’s Salad – kohlrabi, fennel, carrot, shallot
Beef salad – watercress, shallot, radish
Fish(trout) salad – fennel, torn green stringy seaweed, red frondy seaweed, wakame, sea asparagus, green sauce
kingfish salad – green mango, pepperonio, 3 slices of kingfish, kingfish dressing (shoyu, sesame oil, mirin)
beef marmalade – toast, garlic aioli, marmalade, pickle, chives
sanger – meat, chipotle aioli, slaw, jalapenos (no. determines cuts)
squid – round or orange sauce (marinated tomatoes, coriander root, chili, garlic)

Green sauce – mint(dominant), parsley, chives, chervil?, anchovy, capers, garlic

pickling liquid – 1 part each of water, sugar, white wine vinegar
duck hearts soaked in 5% brine. brine must be room temp.

meat is cooked by shifting it on and off the grill to slowly bring it up to temperature, hence avoiding the grey ring. like sous vide but the old fashioned way. 200g takes at least half an hour to get to medium rare. temperatures of the exterior are taken to ensure meat doesn’t overcook.

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