Too many delicious things, floating at the edge of memory. Here’s to reeling them back.

Salty duck leg confit. Braised ox cheek, voluptuous in its taste and tenderness. Puff pastry with caramelized apples and caramel parfait, wipe your mind blank type of good. Lamb heart and kidneys and liver soaked overnight in milk. An entire pig’s head, boiled with onions and peppers, mixed with capers and made into croquettas. Veal stock tasting like essence of chicken with meaty smelling ghirolles, rich with butter on hot crisp toast. Plump, clean tasting clams with ajillo. Octopus with haunting smoky char and paprika. Emotional food, all of it.

By the way. Couldn’t you absolutely infuse the milk for eclairs with something? Lavender or thyme or lemon. Would be nice.

More recently, I had a Krispy Kreme doughnut today. The plain one was quite addictive, light and cakelike.

Struck with affection for chef for him always being nice and thinking about others. Makes me want to care about people more too. I can definitely communicate a lot more.

Today morning I did the following: Bravas sauce. Churros mix. Peel prawns. Crumb ham croq. Aioli.

I saw chef fry gambas. Flair of performance is so important. Everything is important, how you move, how you taste, how you plate, etc etc.

Delicious Fried Long Beans

Minced garilc
dried shrimp
Long beans

Deep fry long beans for a minute or two until surface is traumatized. In the meantime, fry garlic, shrimp and salt over low heat to make it fragrant and golden brown. Add long beans and salt, stir fry until cooked to your liking. Taste. Dish up.

Raisin buns



These were super fun to make, I missed rolling dough balls 😀 they were kind of hard though. The nice thing about bread is that the last proofing can be retarded in the chiller, taken out the next day and baked fresh for breakfast. Continue reading

Pie dough

Made up a quick pie dough by grating cold butter (the weird brittle president brand one) into bread flour and running it in. I believe the technique is called frisage. finally, some cold water is added to bind. Proportions as follows:

Flour 600
Sugar 100
Sea salt 2 pinch
Butter 400
Water 250

It’s now resting and waiting to fulfill its destiny of becoming the base of an apple galette.