Pineapple Tarts and CNY 2104


These are pretty good. The proportion of pastry to jam is optimal, resulting in a thin crust of pastry that yields to the filling. Remember that texture is as important as taste. Am pleased about the shininess of the glaze, trick is to bake them for a bit before applying it. Will make the jam from scratch next year and win the award for best pineapple tarts. Continue reading

Green pea cookies



Image 1 shows 180 for 20 mins. On the left is dough with added fat, doesn’t taste as nice.

Img 2, everything same but flour reduced to 40. 175 for 9 mins. Double layer of egg wash in center looks best

Peanut oil 160
Yolk 20
10x 125
Powdered green peas 250
Flour 250

Combine oil and yolk. Add icing. Combine green peas and flour. Shape, egg wash and bake at 180 for 18 mins.