Souffle Cheesecake

This was a good learning experience. The taste is good, but the appearance… Anyway, things to change:
– Bottom too wet (put tray lower and line bottom with sponge)
– Tops rose too high (fill with less)
– Tops cracked (water bath/lower temperature)
– Collapsed (line tins with paper, allow to cool slowly in oven instead of removing immediately)

Souffle cheesecake (makes 20 overflowing cupcakes)
cream cheese 210
lemon skin 0.5nos
yolk 70
flour 40
lemon juice 20

mllk 40
cream 190 
butter 60

egg white 280
sugar 100

Total: 1000

Whisk A together. Heat B to 80C. Whip C to soft peak. Fold everything together. Baked at 150 for about 25-30 mins. Removed immediately. 

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