Merry Christmas!



Sponge has a strange alkaline taste, which wasn’t present in first batch without baking soda. Not quite sweet enough. Texture was good. Rise was good, however sponge too fat. Reduce amount by 25% in future, and put thinner layer of cream for better visual effect. Maybe add 10% more milk and perhaps 20% more  Horlicks powder. Deviated from original recipe by substituting about a third of HK flour for APF for better structure. Previous cake with all HK almost collapsed, it was too delicate.

Foam was nice and thick and fine, achieve by beating on low speed for a couple minutes near the end. Achieve better volume by applying heat 2-3 times during the 10 mins beating.

Try next time with no leavening agents, since foam maintained volume even after adding milk. Percentages of genoise very similar to BnC sponge, major difference being BnC sponge includes sponge gel and beating methods – everything except the butter together.

Horlicks Sponge
For 8×8″ pan

Eggs 310
Sugar 160

Milk 105
Cocoa powder 23
Horlicks powder 35

APF 60
HK flour 100
BP 1t
Soda 1t

Total: 795

Nutella Cream

Nutella 175
Cream 600

proposed version:

Nutella 200
Cream 600

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