Green tea nougat

20121210-113918.jpgThese are really delicious. Store in chiller to keep almonds crunchy and fresh for a longer time. This recipe has a much higher proportion of glucose to sugar. I suspect that’s what makes it so hard to work with near the end, it becomes really stiff. In any case I’ve increased the GT powder by 20% below as compared to the original recipe and so can afford to replace some glucose with sugar. Here’s a useful resource for some nougat science. This current one is almost not sweet enough. I also decreased the nuts to 500 from 600.

The sugar syrup will take really long to come to temp. At least 20 minutes. I placed the salt at the bottom, the glucose, water then the sugar in the middle. Ensure there’s a moat of water to protect the sugar from burning. You can then chuck the small pot onto a low/medium heat until the whole thing melts, then bring it to a vigorous bubble for at least 20 mins. In the meantime you can prepare the other ingredients. The mixture will become more viscous and the bubbling will slow down. I never got to 132C, the mixture caramelizes before that. At 112C it was soft ball, 120C it was firm ball.

Melting the butter a little first will help it incorporate faster.

This is exactly what I need.

Salt 6
Sugar 70
Water 100
Glucose 550

Egg white powder 50
Sugar 25
Water 50

Butter 100

Milk powder 130
Green tea powder 25

Toasted almonds 500

Cook 1 until 132C. Whip 2 until stiff peaks, pour 1 into 2, mixing on high speed. If any sugar syrup solidifies onto the side of the bowl, apply heat to melt and incorporate it. Add 3, 4 and 5, ensuring the almonds are 140-150C.

Pull mixture repeatedly for a chewier final texture.

Spread onto a tray and allow to cool before cutting.

To make original flavor, use 160 instead of 130 milk powder and no GT.

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