Chocolate macarons



Thanks to the boys at Bomba, I’ve now taken a liking to the Rocky theme song and play it during my macaron sessions.

This is the first standard recipe I’ve tried. Macaron batter is more viscous and stiffer than the previous ones due to higher almond and sugar content, which makes it easier to pipe into round circles which also have a better height.

The rough surface will be solved the next round, hopefully, as I’ve sieved the remaining ground almond. Only thing now is the rough surface. I’ve sieved the ground almonds. Next time, they will be perfect.

Almond flour 120
Icing sugar 200
Cocoa powder 20

Egg white 100
Sugar 35

Sieve dries. Whip whites and sugar until very firm peaks, but make sure it’s still glossy. Fold and pipe etc and fall asleep for an indefinite period of time while waiting for the skin to form.

Bake at 160C for 16 mins, rotating tray once.

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